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Members' Forms

Section 16(1) of the Members' Conflict of Interest Act requires that all Members of the Legislative Assembly of BC file a confidential disclosure statement with the Commissioner within 60 days of being elected, and after than annually.

Once the confidential disclosure statement has been filed, each Member must meet with the Commissioner to ensure that adequate disclosure has been made and to obtain any advice on their obligations under the Act.

After meeting with the Member, the Commissioner prepares a public disclosure statement in accordance with s. 17 of the Act. The public disclosure statement is then filed with the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly where it is available for public inspection.

Members must continue to disclose to the Commissioner any

  1. material changes within 30 days;
  2. gifts or personal benefits received pursuant to s. 7(3) of the Act.


Form 1 - Member's Confidential Disclosure Statement   PDF (334 KB) REVISED

Form 2 - Disclosure Statement for Minor Children   PDF (157 KB) REVISED

Form 3 - Controlled Private Corporation Statement   PDF (206 KB) REVISED

Form 4 - Member's Statement of Material Change   PDF (329 KB) REVISED

Form 5 - Member's Statement of Gifts and Personal Benefits   PDF (529 KB) REVISED

Blank Attachment Form   PDF (363 KB) REVISED


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