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What is the Commissioner's Role?

The cornerstone of the Members' Conflict of Interest Act is the appointment of a Commissioner who is an independent Officer of the Legislative Assembly.

The Commissioner performs three separate but related roles:

First, the Commissioner acts as an advisor to Members of the Legislative Assembly. Members need to know what their obligations are and that the steps they have taken or propose to take will fulfill those obligations.

Second, the Commissioner meets with each Member at least annually to review the disclosure of the Member's interests and general obligations imposed by the Act.

The third role of the Commissioner is to undertake investigations and inquiries into alleged contraventions of the Members' Conflict of Interest Act or section 25 of the Constitution Act.

The Commissioner may provide written Opinions on application by any individual Member, or by Executive Council, or by the Legislative Assembly, or by a member of the public and may at the request of the Lieutenant Governor in Council, or of the Legislative Assembly undertake such special assignments as the Commissioner considers appropriate.

Updated: May 30, 2014 11:14 AM